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Valdes Investigations Group, LLC has Research Headquarters with over 100 different searches available. Our Research Department is building upon three words: Confidential, Timely, and Complete.

Having online access to many databases we can provide valuable information on the targeted subjects and/ or business.


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Corporate Investigations
Employee Investigations
Background Reports
Surveillance Investigations
Debt Collections


In some cases, we use spyware to monitor and record activities contemporaneously. This may be installed on a home computer, smartphone, or other devices. However, spyware is not legal in all jurisdictions. Additionally, evidence that is procured through the use of any illegal spyware may be inadmissible in court.


Device Cloning

Many times we may rely on alternatives to spyware, such as cloning a hard drive. Cloning a hard drive helps to preserve all digital data so if an email or text message is later deleted, there is a copy that is saved. Using this tactic may result in being able to trace a user’s habits and reveal important information that is relevant to the case. Generally, a person can pay to clone the hard drive of another if he or she has an ownership interest in the property.


GPS Tracking

GPS tracking device can be installed on a vehicle and then be used to track its movements. This may be used in cases in which a spouse is suspected of adultery or when an employee may be using a company vehicle for personal reasons. The owner of the vehicle must provide permission for the tracking. GPS tracking may also be used to document activities for the court of reckless driving such as in cases involving drunk driving.


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A corporate investigation is the thorough investigation of a corporation or business in order to uncover wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties. There are many aspects of corporate investigations and they can vary significantly based on your needs.

Secure Client Communication

We understand your case is extremely sensitive and confidential, which is why we make sure that your data is safe and secure.


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  • Important Case Details
  • Client communication
  • Videos, Photos, Etc.
  • All Case Documents
  • Easy to manage dashboard
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  • Access to case data
  • Geolocation based activity
  • Mobile time & distance tracking of P.I.’s
  • Time and expense tracking

Frequently Asked questions


Private Investigator Near Me

Are your investigation confidential?

All of our investigations are always confidential. Our findings and documentation are provided to pertinent legal parties only, and only at the time of legal discovery or proceedings.

How will surveillance help my business?

There is simply no better investigative method to determine a person’s whereabouts, habits, work location, and physical activities/abilities than surveillance. If you are unsure whether surveillance can help, give us a call. Our initial phone consultations are always free.

What is surveillance by an investigator?

A surveillance investigator gathers information about a person, or subject, at the center of an investigation. Surveillance investigators may work as a company employee or contractor and often use wiretaps, concealed cameras, and other surveillance tools to complete investigations.

What is an asset check?

Asset checks can reveal real estate property, vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, large pieces of equipment, trailers, and more.

What do you mean by corporate/employee misconduct investigations?

There are many activities that can fall under corporate or employee misconduct, but generally, they involve illegal activities and/or activities that violate the policies and/or procedures of the business. If you have a question regarding a potential misconduct investigation, give us a call today.

Do you conduct due diligence/background investigations?

Due diligence background investigations for many needs to include mergers, acquisitions, investments, and in litigation. If you are unsure how Valdes Investigation Group can help, give us a call.

Other Investigation Services

Electronic Debugging

Reproduce the bug or problem. Explain the bug using input from the user. 

Background Checks

Our expert background checks can include a wide range of information

Data Retrieval

Get important information extracted from any device in most conditions. 

Process Serving

Experienced and efficient fixed price process servers in all states. 

Due Diligence

We take reasonable steps to ensure you avoid committing any offense

Litigation Support

Drive max efficiency the entire litigation case lifecycle to save time and money.

Locating Assets

We can help you discover and retrieve unclaimed assets that are rightfully yours

Bug Sweeps - TSCM

We can sweep the affected area for any bugs or always listening devices

Electronic Takeouts

Retrieve a copy of your data from Google, Apple, Facebook, and more platforms

Insurance Claim Investigations

Prevent paying out for fraudulent or unwarranted insurance claims

Remote Digital Forensics Services

We have the ability and credentials for any digital forensics service. 

Relationship Investigations

Verify your partners loyalty with our relationship investigation service.

Factual insurance investigations

Find the facts you need in order to make a logical decision. 

Workplace behavior investigations

Investigate workplace behavior with our discreet programs to help clients. 

Directors and business liability

Protects assets of directors and officers against claims brought by employees.

Our Pricing Plans

Being one of the nation’s oldest private investigation groups, we have created customized affordable packages for all our investigation services offered.  Please fill our our form below then book a meeting for a free discovery call. 


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