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Insurance Investigations

The investigation of insurance claims has been our core service offering since the beginning. Valdes Investigation Group is one of the largest and most well-respected investigation companies in the USA. We provide a full spectrum of insurance claims investigations, have earned an exceptional reputation within the industry, and have built an extensive client base over more than five decades. We credit our success to consistently providing responsive customer service, thorough investigations, and high-quality results in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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Insurance Investigations
Employee Investigations
Background Reports
Surveillance Investigations
Debt Collections

Undercover Investigation

By blending in with the company, an investigator can look into employee misconduct like theft, substance abuse, or harassment. Investigators will often use covert surveillance as a part of their inspection.


Research Investigation

Investigators can conduct research in order to find information about companies that you do business with for acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, venture capital, private equity, and investments. They can also perform in-depth employee background checks.


Financial Investigation

An investigator conducting a financial investigation can discover embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, and other white-collar crime.


Electronic Investigation

With e-discovery, investigators can gather electronically stored information in order to collect necessary evidence. They can also potentially restore lost data.


Corruption Investigation

An investigator looking for corruption can uncover bribery, illegal foreign exchange, corporate fraud, and industrial espionage.


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A corporate investigation is the thorough investigation of a corporation or business in order to uncover wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties. There are many aspects of corporate investigations and they can vary significantly based on your needs.

Insurance Investigation Services

 Valdes Investigation Group provided hundreds of clients across the country with timely, cost-efficient, and results-driven private and commercial investigations. Our main goal is to ensure the results we deliver are aligned with our client’s exact requirements.



Valdes Investigation Group’s licensed private investigators are qualified to deliver thorough activities and factual investigations to insurers across USA. Whether you’re looking to reduce the risks of fraud across your entire portfolio, or hoping to tackle one case at a time, our fraud investigations are tailored to you.  We have worked with numerous insurance companies to help with their claims.  We offer quick turn surveillance programs to save time & money. 


Fraud Investigations

Whether you’re hoping to expose deceit or minimize your chances of becoming a victim of commercial fraud, rest assured that our private investigators have the experience, the skillsets, and the discretion required to unveil only the most relevant, unbiased, and accurate information. We then present that information as a comprehensive report for you or your legal team to review.




Our detectives have provided commercial surveillance services to organizations across the country. In that time, the agency has continuously improved on service delivery and investigation procedures. This, in turn, allows us to provide our commercial clients with a seamless, discreet, and cost-effective means to manage more serious workplace issues.  


Employee Surveillance

Valdes Investigation Group detectives have provided commercial surveillance services to organizations across the country for over forty years. In that time, the agency has continuously improved on service delivery and investigation procedures. This allows us to provide our commercial clients with a seamless, discreet, and cost-effective means to manage more serious workplace issues.



Employment Screenings

Employment screening and background checks are available through Precise Investigation, affording businesses of all sizes the opportunity to streamline recruitment. Mitigate risk and ensure the smooth running of your day-to-day operations by speaking to one of our private investigators today.  Our social media reports contain a lot of data that helps employers make the best hiring decisions possible.



Background Checks

Have us run a background check for you today and rest easy knowing that you’ll get to the bottom of your concerns. Whether you’re hiring a babysitter for the first time or you’re looking for your next CFO, a background check can help you make informed decisions based of facts instead of emotions. We provide full background checks, social media reports, and more. 



Process Serving

We provide process serving services.  Most times a person doesn’t want to receive important information, whether it be legal, personal, or commercial, it can be incredibly frustrating to wait around until you know they’ve received, read, and understood the information. Our team is here to help deliver your documents to the right person at the right time.


Digital Forensics

Internet and Computer Forensic Investigations are designed to locate, extract and analyze data on both private and commercial networks. That information is gathered and compiled into a comprehensive report which our clients can put forward as E-discovery evidence in court, should it be required. Licensed with Cellebrite, Magnet Forensics, and more.


Debt Investigations

Our clients an unrivaled approach to debt collection, resolution, and recovery through our experience in the field we’re sure to help locate your target, ascertain the most effective means of recovery and proceed with a fast, efficient and reliable debt collection service.  We have the tools, experience, and backgrounds you need.    

Secure Client Communication

We understand your case is extremely sensitive and confidential, which is why we make sure that your data is safe and secure.


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  • Important Case Details
  • Client communication
  • Videos, Photos, Etc.
  • All Case Documents
  • Easy to manage dashboard
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  • Access to case data
  • Geolocation based activity
  • Mobile time & distance tracking of P.I.’s
  • Time and expense tracking

Frequently Asked questions


Private Investigator Near Me

Are your investigation confidential?

All of our investigations are always confidential. Our findings and documentation are provided to pertinent legal parties only, and only at the time of legal discovery or proceedings.

How will surveillance help my business?

There is simply no better investigative method to determine a person’s whereabouts, habits, work location, and physical activities/abilities than surveillance. If you are unsure whether surveillance can help, give us a call. Our initial phone consultations are always free.

What is surveillance by an investigator?

A surveillance investigator gathers information about a person, or subject, at the center of an investigation. Surveillance investigators may work as a company employee or contractor and often use wiretaps, concealed cameras, and other surveillance tools to complete investigations.

What is an asset check?

Asset checks can reveal real estate property, vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, large pieces of equipment, trailers, and more.

What do you mean by corporate/employee misconduct investigations?

There are many activities that can fall under corporate or employee misconduct, but generally, they involve illegal activities and/or activities that violate the policies and/or procedures of the business. If you have a question regarding a potential misconduct investigation, give us a call today.

Do you conduct due diligence/background investigations?

Due diligence background investigations for many needs to include mergers, acquisitions, investments, and in litigation. If you are unsure how Valdes Investigation Group can help, give us a call.

Other Corporate Investigation Services

Activities Checks

An excellent pre-surveillance tool to establish a Subject’s physical activities, employment status, and the potential for successful surveillance.

Workers’ Compensation

Everything you need to evaluate complicated claims including full AOE/COE, employee-level, subrogation, hospital/pharmacy checks, COD Statements, scene investigations, clinic audits, and our full suite of services.


VIG has an excellent reputation for its expertise in the areas of liability and fraud investigation including auto, premise, homeowners’, product, statements, scene investigations, coverage issues, fraud, and SIU.


VIG works with many of the nation’s largest disability carriers to obtain information regarding alternative employment, physical activities, financial status, concurrent policies, and more.


Our skilled investigators perform detailed observation, closely monitor, and follow Subject movement to provide video recordings of the Subject’s public activity to help you find the facts.

Unmanned Surveillance

When the presence of an investigator would cause suspicion, remote cameras are optimal. This option is effective when the time and location are appropriate. Discuss the best options with our team.

Medical Canvasses

Our HIPAA-certified investigators identify undisclosed records determining pre-existing conditions, records preceding reported injury, verify alleged injuries reported for workers’ compensation, disability, liability, bodily injury, and other litigated claims.

Recorded Statements

Interviews conducted in-person or virtually with claimants, witnesses, and / or employers, to document details of incident, character, environment, sequence of events. Strategically asks questions and provides identifying photos, audio, transcriptions and video.

Alive & Well Checks

Scheduled or impromptu (in-person or virtual) interviews to document the Subject’s general health, medical treatment, medications, doctor’s appointments, employment verification, disability status, home environment, physical restrictions, and activities.

Work Checks

We research to establish an employment history that includes address history, employment records, prior workers’ compensation claims, civil records, social media search, professional licenses, business and corporation records.

AOE / COE Investigations

Verify incident happened while performing job function, following safety guidelines and proper use of equipment, and workplace meets OSHA standards; determining if injury is result of negligence. Obtain statements from involved parties.

Subrogation Investigations

If a 3rd party is responsible for the improper handling of a claim, subrogation may be necessary. After a claim is paid, recuperation of funds may be possible. We provide record retrievals, field investigations, interviews, and more

Social Media Investigations

Our technology and highly trained media experts mine relevant data across various channels including all popular social networking sites and turn it into actionable information you can use.

Geo-Media Investigations

We search for relevant social media posts about the incident and identify potential witnesses. We define geographic areas to filter posts at a specified time frame. Also known as Geo-Fencing. Also known as Geo-Fencing.

Record Retrievals

Secure claim-sensitive materials such as medical records, court documents and other agency records. Acquire physical evidence that is often used during trial and for documentation and historical reference.

Locate Investigations

A custom strategy to obtain and verify records, including address history, vehicle sightings, real property records, business & work records, in-depth social media searches, pretexting, & fieldwork to confirm subject’s contact information.

Vehicle Locators

A license plate is tracked as the vehicle moves in public. Sightings obtained from traffic, street/highway cameras, as well as patrol vehicles. Results vary depending on the technology available at the sighting location(s), rural and urban. 

Heir Searches

Track down potential heirs and dependents of a subject (usually a decedent) and combining research methods including locating investigations, social media searches, record retrievals, and various sources to verify identity.

Scene Investigations

Also known as Accident Investigations. Investigators travel on-site and document conditions of the incident scene and recognize all relevant physical evidence to establish what and how it occurred, providing identifying photos and detailed reporting.

Civil Backgrounds

Civil court records are publicly available but require an understanding of the legal system and how information is stored and accessed; a useful source to identify prior physical injuries, sources of stress, employment, sources of income, medical history, and assets.

Criminal Backgrounds

Criminal court records provide valuable information including insight into past, identifies relevant convictions, provides character information, assists in locating Subject’s whereabouts, identifies other sources of injury and other investigative avenues.

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Being one of the nation’s oldest private investigation groups, we have created customized affordable packages for all our investigation services offered.  Please fill our our form below then book a meeting for a free discovery call. 


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