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Domestic Family Investigations

Valdes Investigation Group is available to provide parents and those suffering from unjust divorce settlements with the means to expose the truth surrounding their cases, thereby giving them the means to readdress those hearings for more suitable outcomes. Our private detectives have helped hundreds of clients address suspicions and allegations of poor parenting or exaggerated circumstances surrounding divorce.


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Custody Investigations
Spyware Installations
Background Checks
Surveillance Investigations
Asset Investigations

Background Checks

There are many instances where a background check is essential as part of the investigation. Perhaps your child is under the care of a parent who resides with someone that has a suspicious past.


Custody Investigations

A child custody investigation is an objective observation of a child’s well-being.  Usually as part of a divorce, separation, or custody case.


Child Support Investigations

Often times child custody investigations evaluate both parents. You may face several allegations or concerns about the other parent.


Divorce Investigations

VIG can investigate a spouse’s finances and discover hidden assets such as private bank accounts, unreported income, travelers’ checks, false payments, retirement accounts, and more.


Missing Kids Investigations

V.I.G. is your advocate, your tool to solve your issue. We don’t work for the government or the police. We walk you through the steps, prepare, prevent, work at all levels of the investigations.


Pre-marital Investigations

Before you get married, it helps to understand everything you can about the person you’ll be devoting your life to. A nasty surprise can cause a lot of trouble after the wedding vows are said and done.

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A corporate investigation is the thorough investigation of a corporation or business in order to uncover wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties. There are many aspects of corporate investigations and they can vary significantly based on your needs.

Domestic Investigation Services

 Valdes Investigation Group provided hundreds of clients across the country with timely, cost-efficient, and results-driven private and commercial investigations. Our main goal is to ensure the results we deliver are aligned with our client’s exact requirements.

Cheating Partner Investigations

Fear that your partner may be romantically involved with someone else, but you’re struggling to get the answers? Hiring a professional, discreet and experienced private investigator is the perfect solution to catch a cheater. We’ve been putting concerned couple’s minds at ease for over thirty years and our licensed private investigators can do the same for you.

Fraud Investigations

Whether you’re hoping to expose deceit or minimize your chances of becoming a victim of commercial fraud, rest assured that our private investigators have the experience, the skillsets, and the discretion required to unveil only the most relevant, unbiased, and accurate information. We then present that information as a comprehensive report for you or your legal team to review.



It is widely accepted for people to meet and romanticize online, and it is generally safe to do so. However, with so many people instilling their trust in technology, there comes an opportunity for others to take advantage. If you’d like to know who you’re really talking to online, have a licensed private investigator run a discreet online dating inquiry today.

Process Serving

We provide process serving services.  Most times a person doesn’t want to receive important information, whether it be legal, personal, or commercial, it can be incredibly frustrating to wait around until you know they’ve received, read, and understood the information. Our team is here to help deliver your documents to the right person at the right time.

Digital Forensics

Internet and Computer Forensic Investigations are designed to locate, extract and analyze data on both private and commercial networks. That information is gathered and compiled into a comprehensive report which our clients can put forward as E-discovery evidence in court, should it be required. Licensed with Cellebrite, Magnet Forensics, and more.

Debt Investigations

Our clients an unrivaled approach to debt collection, resolution, and recovery through our experience in the field we’re sure to help locate your target, ascertain the most effective means of recovery and proceed with a fast, efficient and reliable debt collection service.  We have the tools, experience, and backgrounds you need.    

Secure Client Communication

We understand your case is extremely sensitive and confidential, which is why we make sure that your data is safe and secure.


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  • Important Case Details
  • Client communication
  • Videos, Photos, Etc.
  • All Case Documents
  • Easy to manage dashboard
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  • Access to case data
  • Geolocation based activity
  • Mobile time & distance tracking of P.I.’s
  • Time and expense tracking

Frequently Asked questions


Private Investigator Near Me


In the case of child custody, an investigation into the nature of the affair may have an effect on the unfaithful spouse’s determination of custody or visitation rights after separation. If you suspect that your spouse is engaged in an extramarital affair, it is important for the child’s interests and safety to investigate who that person is and their background. An investigation may not reveal anything, but there may be a chance that this person has a criminal record or history of domestic violence and/or drug use.

These are serious and considerable factors that will affect child’s rights.

Third, in the case of property, an investigation into an extramarital affair may reveal the concealment or unlawful ‘gifting’ of marital property to a third party. When dealing with property issues, it is important to remember that each spouse has a duty to the marriage, or “community,” to safeguard each other’s property. This is why there are automatic restraining orders that go into effect as soon as a petition for divorce is filed. If you suspect that your spouse may be passing community property to their extramarital partner, a private investigator will assist in proving these actions, aiding your case for recovery.

Are your investigation confidential?

All of our investigations are always confidential. Our findings and documentation are provided to pertinent legal parties only, and only at the time of legal discovery or proceedings.


Too often, a husband or wife who suspects that information or activities are being concealed by their spouse will hire a private investigator directly. This is a mistake.

There are rules regarding confidentiality and privilege in California that are not generally established between a private investigator and the client. However, when an investigator is hired by an attorney on behalf of a client, the rules governing attorney-client confidentiality are extended to the private investigator. This means that any materials, documentation, and evidence produced by the investigator in preparation for trial may be protected by being discovered by the opposing side.

This is commonly referred to as “attorney work product.” Furthermore, as was mentioned above, a private investigator should be directed by an attorney. This ensures that evidence is gathered and documented properly and in compliance with California evidence laws. The attorney is then able to review the information that is collected and determine the best course of action for moving forward with the client.


What is surveillance by an investigator?

A surveillance investigator gathers information about a person, or subject, at the center of an investigation. Surveillance investigators may work as a company employee or contractor and often use wiretaps, concealed cameras, and other surveillance tools to complete investigations.

What is an asset check?

Asset checks can reveal real estate property, vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, large pieces of equipment, trailers, and more.

Do you conduct due diligence/background investigations?

Due diligence background investigations for many needs to include mergers, acquisitions, investments, and in litigation. If you are unsure how Valdes Investigation Group can help, give us a call.


As mentioned above, a private investigator may assist with collecting vital information that affects the child support, custody, or visitation rights of the parents. Again, in the case of one spouse who has a new boyfriend or girlfriend, the investigation may reveal information about that partner’s history or criminal record that could help protect the best interests of the child. Beyond the issue of investigating new partners, private investigators may also assist in child support and custody matters in the following ways:

For example, suppose that a wife a strong suspicion that her husband tends to drink and drive while the children are passengers in the car. An investigator can be hired to follow the father to a bar, observe the father drink several alcoholic beverages and then pick the children up from school while under the influence. An investigator would document this behavior with notes and audio/visual equipment and allow the mother to present this evidence in court to demonstrate the danger to children’s safety and well-being.

Not every case may have examples of this extreme child endangerment. Smaller issues, such as, allowing the children to ride without a seat belt is evidence of reckless behavior that may affect custody rights.

Other Family Investigation Services

Electronic Debugging

Reproduce the bug or problem. Explain the bug using input from the user. 

Background Checks

Our expert background checks can include a wide range of information

Data Retrieval

Get important information extracted from any device in most conditions. 

Process Serving

Experienced and efficient fixed price process servers in all states. 

Due Diligence

We take reasonable steps to ensure you avoid committing any offense

Litigation Support

Drive max efficiency the entire litigation case lifecycle to save time and money.

Locating Assets

We can help you discover and retrieve unclaimed assets that are rightfully yours

Bug Sweeps - TSCM

We can sweep the affected area for any bugs or always listening devices

Electronic Takeouts

Retrieve a copy of your data from Google, Apple, Facebook, and more platforms

Insurance Claim Investigations

Prevent paying out for fraudulent or unwarranted insurance claims

Remote Digital Forensics Services

We have the ability and credentials for any digital forensics service. 

Relationship Investigations

Verify your partners loyalty with our relationship investigation service.

Factual insurance investigations

Find the facts you need in order to make a logical decision. 

Workplace behavior investigations

Investigate workplace behavior with our discreet programs to help clients. 

Directors and business liability

Protects assets of directors and officers against claims brought by employees.

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Being one of the nation’s oldest private investigation groups, we have created customized affordable packages for all our investigation services offered.  Please fill our our form below then book a meeting for a free discovery call. 


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